Development Diary #10 Wednesday, Apr 8 2009 

Today I finished the website but it somehow was not saved properly and I gave Miss West an incomplete version. Something that I learnt today was you cnnot do 90% of the orject by yourself, it doesn’t pay off. Some problems I have faced are not having enough time. If I had a week extra, I could have done so much more. Since the project is finished, there is no point in coming up with strategies and resolutions. I AM HAPPY TO BE OVER AND DONE WITH THE PROJECT.


Development Diary #9 Tuesday, Apr 7 2009 

Today I finished putting all the logos into the website and my partner hyperlinked them to their respective sites. We got various graphics done as well. Today I learned that putting in a drop down menu is not as easy as it sounds. Again we are not sure if we can finish it or not. A possible solution may be to work on it at home. Next lesson I hope to complete the website after my work at home.

Development Diary #8 Tuesday, Apr 7 2009 

Today I started to put in all the logos for the companies we are showcasing. I had to edit a few of them in Photoshop to make the backgrounds blend with our background. We also started to collect information such as contact details. Today I learnt that it gets really annoying working on the macs without a mouse. On top of that I learnt that this project was not as easy as I first thought. Some issues that we are faced with for our website are finishing it on time and being able to do what we actually want to. The only strategy that I have come up with to deal with this, is to fiddle around with it. Next lesson I hope to put in all our information and touch up the design.

What will the world look like in 2020? Tuesday, Apr 7 2009 

I would say that the world would look fairly similar in regards to the outside world, such as buildings and the environment. Most probably there will be less trees and bush, but besides that, I do not think that the external look will be much different.

The world on the inside on the other hand, may look completely different. I think kids will have a laptop each to carry around with them for whatever they need such as school and homework. Most households will have awesome home enertainment systems, and cinemas will start to shut down because you can have a similar experience at home, with movies that haven’t come out yet…

The internet will be absolutely plastered with ads and filled with viruses. The standard of what is appropriate for viewers will probably drop dramatically and the 97% of the content on the internet will be absolute codswallop.

Development Diary #7 Sunday, Apr 5 2009 

Today I got a good portion done on the website, mainly little things like getting the background colour, drop down menus and logos right. I learned that most things work well with a black background. An issue that I had today was getting the templates for different pages right, I resolved this by discussing what would look best with my partner. An issue that was resolved from last lesson was the one of the freezing computer. This was resolved by simply doing what needed to be done on another computer. Next lesson I hope to start putting information into the site.

Development Diary #5 Sunday, Apr 5 2009 

Today I finished with research on the companies that we were going to showcase and also what companies were in the area. I learned that some of the companies I had previously thought were in Parramatta, weren’t. I had no issues to day except that the research was a bit frustrating.  Next lesson I hope to start the website design and collect logos for the businenesses we are focusing on.

Development Diary #6 Sunday, Apr 5 2009 

Today we got various logos for the compaies that we were advertising and fixed them up on photoshop. We also got a header done for our home page. I started to experiment with using drop down menus. I learned how to put in a drop down menu on the website but I was not able to complete it becasue the computer kept on freezing. Some issues that I had today were the computer freezing and coming up with how to design the website. Next lesson we hope to get a good start on the web design and create a logo.

Development Diary #3 Tuesday, Mar 31 2009 

Today we started the draft plan of our website, we have a good Idea of what we want in our website, so it is just the layout that needs to be thought over. When working on our website, we learned that planning Is not as easy as it sounds. An issue we faced was what to put in our website and how to set it out. We will resolve this problem by looking at examples of websites that we really like and model our design on them. Next Lesson we hope to finish our planning and the write – up for our website.

Development Diary #4 Monday, Mar 30 2009 

Today we finished our planning for the website and also the 400 word write – up. We still haven’t been able to actually start our website as yet. Today we learned how to complete the good copy of of the planning of the website frames. We are not having any issues at the moment. Next lesson we plan to actually start on our website and research a some of the businesses in Parramatta.

Development Diary #2 Monday, Mar 30 2009 

Again today we did not do anything on our website but we have chosen to work on the entertainment businesses in Parramatta. We are still discussing how we are going to put together the website. A problem we have resolved is what topic to pick. We resolved this by looking closely at all the categories and choosing the one that most appeals to us and which one we thought we would be able to complete the best. Next lesson we hope to start the planning for our website and find out the specifics of our category.

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